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The Bridge of Forgiveness

“If the Bible makes it clear that Christians are a forgiven people,” Gary Inrig writes, “it also makes it clear that we are to be a forgiving people.”  Forgiveness is an unnatural and outrageous act of generosity.  It always costs … Continue reading

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A Labyrinth Prayer

The Labyrinth is an age-old sacred circle leading one on a single path to its centre. From that centre – which typifies our centeredness in Christ – one returns to the outer gateway and reentry into life. Walking the pathway … Continue reading

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Wind of God, Dynamic Spirit

Wind of God, dynamic Spirit by Michael Saward (1932- ) is a hymn on the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4), originally written in May 1966 as a one-verse hymn for a ‘People’s Service’ on BBC Radio 2 on Whitsunday 1966. Saward added … Continue reading

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“Selah” strewn among the Psalms

Selah is scattered randomly through the Psalms seventy-one times; it never occurs within the text itself but alongside as a notation in the margin; and no one is sure of its exact meaning – though scholars guess it is “pause … Continue reading

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Acknowledging Our Debt

In 2009, Stanley Hauerwas published “Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir.” In Bishop Robert Morneau’s summary, he notes: Hauerwas wrote: “I am first and foremost a theologian” (192). If we want a summary of his Christian conviction, it lies in the mystery … Continue reading

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Creation: the theatre of God’s glory

It was John Calvin who said, “Earth is the theatre of God’s glory.”  Thus Eugene Peterson writes: “Creation is our place for meeting God and conversing with Him… We take box seats in this creation theatre when we pray… The … Continue reading

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Could the scroll contain the whole

In 1917, Fredrick M. Lehman penned the hymn, “The Love of God.”  The lyr­ics are based on the Jew­ish poem Hadda­mut, writ­ten in Ara­ma­ic in 1050 by Meir Ben Isaac Ne­hor­ai, a can­tor in Worms, Ger­ma­ny. According to the recorded … Continue reading

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