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Now and Then

One of Fredrick Buechner’s autobiographies is titled, “Now and Then: A Memoir of Vocation.” It is a title built on a powerful phrase by Paul Tillich, to whom he gives homage. “We want only to show you something we have … Continue reading

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Quia Amaste Me…

“Quia amasti me, fecisti me amabilem” Augustine “In loving me, you made me lovable.” It is a powerful and beautiful summary of all that is best in Christian spirituality, and it is the experience of all those who come to … Continue reading

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Deep calls to Deep

I have had the happy occasion to listen to wise lovers of God talk about what it means to walk with God, love His Son, and live by His Spirit. One such person is James M. Houston; when commenting on Moses’ … Continue reading

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Return to Sender?

One commentator noted that the loss of faith in Franz Kafka was “a burden he could only live with by transforming it into art” (Hans Eichner, Four German Writers). Thus in his novel, “The Castle,” he writes about a message … Continue reading

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From All that Dims

The woman who would be known as “the mother to the motherless” came from privileged Irish roots.  But it was her experience in South India when Amy Carmichael encountered a seven year old girl about to be given in temple … Continue reading

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O Canada

One of the vestiges of a Christian past that still lingers in our nation is the Canadian Anthem.  A hymn – a prayer, only the first verse is sung at official events from hockey games to Legislators.  But take time … Continue reading

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