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A Vision of Holiness

There are times of contemplation that result in visions and erupt in worship. These are the best of times: those unharnessed moments, untamed and fierce – where you hold on to the wave, only to wonder and ponder this Holy … Continue reading

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Restless for the Place I Belong

Today, another friend of ours died. It is a strange harvest season of good friends, and I find myself restless for the place we belong – in all the joy of Abba’s presence. Phil Wickham writes Heaven’s Song with that shared longing: … Continue reading

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Reduced to Smoke Stacks and Debris

This September 11, in the misty dust of confused missions and unending dread, I lament in confession.  9/11 has become a date that has become the irrational reason for interminable terror.  Not everyone can go to this prayer with me, but … Continue reading

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I Heard You Singing

That God thinks of us is by itself a testament to His capacity to consider us.  He continually reveals Himself in more intimate and caring ways than we have the capacity to fully enjoy. Zephaniah is not a well known … Continue reading

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