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A Prayer for Holy Saturday

“What is there left to do but pray, if the story of God’s own death and burial be true?” … asks Alan E. Lewis in his exquisite Magnus Opus and final work, Between Cross & Resurrection: A Theology of Holy … Continue reading

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What Your Feet Mean to Me

WHAT YOUR FEET MEAN TO ME You say I am doing a beautiful thing for you.      It’s just like you to say that. All I am doing is washing your feet with my tears;      They come … Continue reading

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No Storyless Prayers

“There are no story-less prayers,” Eugene Peterson writes. “Story is to prayer what the body is to the soul – the circumstances in which it takes place… story-making is creative work – demanding intense and personal involvement.”  (Answering God). When … Continue reading

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By Mere Prayer or Plaintive Whisper

As aging men go, D.A. Carson is one those great minds who is tethered to a heritage of prayer.  In his tribute to his father, “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson,” he writes: “Keep … Continue reading

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