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Yom Kippur – a Palestinian Christian Perspective

Yom Kippur  (the Jewish day of atonement) – starts at sundown tonight. The following comes from a Palestinian Christian perspective written for last year’s celebration – for your edification: “Today, we celebrate in Israel the day of atonement or Yom Kippur. … Continue reading

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On Time and Prayer

On Time by John Milton Fly, envious Time, till thou run out thy race, Call on the lazy leaden-stepping hours, Whose speed is but the heavy plummet’s pace; And glut thyself with what thy womb devours, Which is no more … Continue reading

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A hope that will one day take hold of You

A Prayer for God’s Help by Thomas Aquinas O Lord my God, help me to be obedient without reserve, poor without servility, chaste without compromise, humble without pretense, joyful without depravity, serious without affectation, active without frivolty, submissive without bitterness, truthful without duplicity, … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Family at a Funeral

Almighty and Everliving God, Abba our Holy Father, we come to You, for You invite us; You wait for us in moments like these. We come to You through your son – our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have … Continue reading

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Everything is New

Everything is New Or, What I learned from my grandson this summer: He hides to be found and runs to be caught. He cries for some comfort and giggles when glad. He eats till he sleeps and sleeps till he … Continue reading

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