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Bitter Herbs & Bitter Tears

In this linocut of the Last Supper, Christ is offering Judas bread with his own hand, “a gift the defecting disciple receives with a distracted mind and heart. On the table lie the bitter herbs and salt water required for … Continue reading

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“I Thirst for You”

I Thirst for You, by Mother Teresa I know you through and through – I know everything about you. The very hairs of your head I have numbered. Nothing in your life is unimportant to me, I have followed you … Continue reading

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The things that crucified Jesus

Good Friday approaches, and still it is difficult to understand the conditions that made it possible for Jesus to be crucified. Morton Kelsey reflects on the banality of evil when he considers the things that crucified Jesus: They were not … Continue reading

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The Key Ceremony

“Shelter Canada” provides the opportunity for more than building houses in El Salvador, it provides connection and relationship. It is no small thing to provide a clean livable space for a family who may have lost theirs to no fault … Continue reading

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Everyone Prays in the end…

Sam Smith’s “Pray” is a prayer subject looking for his prayer object. ┬áLike so many contemporary artists, here is an improbable prophetic echo of the eternity God has set in our hearts… it’s just that we haven’t fathomed it. Despite … Continue reading

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