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The Mosaic of Human Existence

Here is a great mystery: “To be chosen does not mean that others are rejected,” Henri Nouwen wrote to a secular Jewish friend. Our preciousness, uniqueness and individuality are not given to us by those who meet us in clock-time … Continue reading

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The Earth is the Theatre of God’s Glory

We are all passengers on this elliptical space ship called Earth.  The fact is Earth is where it all happens for us; it’s the magic show, the main event; it is the theatre, along with the light show of the … Continue reading

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At just the right time benediction

Years ago, I found myself sitting at the dinner table of one of my literary heroes, Wendell Berry, on his farm in Henry County, Kentucky. At the end of the evening, Berry made it clear it was time for me … Continue reading

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Mocking God with Metaphor?

Caravaggio depicts Jesus taking Thomas’ hand and intentionally inserting his outstretched finger into His wounded side in response to Thomas’ own assertion in John 20: “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the … Continue reading

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Let us be Men who Love

Totally inspired by Idelette McVicker’s “Manifesto: Let us be Women who Love” – I give her credit, and hope my imitation honours her, and energizes both Women and Men: Written by R.H. Foerger based on Idellete McVicker’s poem:   Let us … Continue reading

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