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A Prayer from Nagasaki

Out of the enormous suffering caused by the atomic bomb, a distinctively Japanese and Christian understanding of the bombing was born: that this holocaust was as a sacrifice of a lamb by which the war would end. (SeeĀ “A Prayer for … Continue reading

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Collecting Threads

Unravelling and reweaving seems to describe what we do throughout most of our lives. Parker Palmer captures this in his poem titled “November 22“: … the world unravels always, and it must be rewoven time and time again. You must … Continue reading

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Forgiveness like an Onion

Forgiveness is like an onion. When you forgive the offense, you peel back one layer of the onion, and things seem to be fine. But weeks, even months later, the offense pops into your mind again along with the anger … Continue reading

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May Your Mercy Manifest

Only then will your house be blessed, by Harry Manx Let it go, Let it go, Well well, let it go go go Let your sword of vengeance rest Oh, do the, do the blind lead the blind? Well well … Continue reading

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Hug O’ War

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