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Recovery of a Sense of Reverence

“If I have a subject, it is… the rediscovery of the manifold ways in which our lives can be shaped by the recovery of a sense of reverence for life.” Barry Lopez Orion Magazine recently captured the moving tributes of fellow … Continue reading

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The Prayer Life that Matters Most

In times of stress and cultural chaos—pandemics, protests, political strife, and more—Christians rightly remind one another of the importance of prayer. A deepening prayer life is often needed, tested, and enriched in times of crisis. Thus begins Tim Shorey’s excellent … Continue reading

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The Gift of Diminishment

When I suffered with a serious disease many years ago, I found time on my hands to negotiate a course correction as it were.  Contemplating many things, I came upon the “Spiritual Letters” of Francois Fenelon, a French Bishop of the … Continue reading

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Hope is a Verb: Practice It! provides many (many!) insightful posts on Hope. She clearly has thought about and exercised hope over a lifetime. Lisa provides a wonderful little book on Practicing Hope. Below is the index from her website: 1 – Hope Is a Verb. … Continue reading

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