A Pencil in the Hand of God

Given what Mother Teresa achieved in her life, we might think she is being too modest. But if we understand we are in God’s hands, then thinking of ourselves as “a little pencil” is a good place to start. And more, when you realize that God’s intent is to send a love letter to the world through your one humble and extraordinary life, then may we consider ourselves blessed:

A Blessing for Writers,

May you be enlivened to write big stories as a little pencil.

May you recognize the dignity of your work.

May you do your art as beautifully as possible.

May you understand the message is always the love of God.

May you not cheapen it by greed or diminish it by pride.

May you feel the freedom of your expansive horizon.

May you envision the wider wonder world of the Creator.

May you know the joy of God’s hand as He writes with your little pencil…


About R.H. (Rusty) Foerger

As I enter the third third of life, I am becoming aware of the role of elders today “to enlarge spiritual vision, being devoted to prayer, living in the face of death, as a living curriculum of the Christian life” (Dr. James M. Houston). I am a life long and life wide learner who seeks to: *decipher the enigma of our worth *rescue from the agony of prayerlessness *integrate spiritual friendship.
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