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The Memorials of early Christian art

It may come as a surprise to modern Christians that the first use of the “Cross” as an important symbol of the faith didn’t really occur till 340 AD, nor was it the fish symbol that had become popular in the … Continue reading

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People are Lonely… Feed Them

In Radical Hospitality I commented on Sieger Koder’s painting above: Koder was a artist who painted startling folky paintings featuring child-like simplicity of the characters, and depicting Jesus by reflection rather than description. We don’t actually see Jesus in this painting; we see … Continue reading

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Through the Aperture of His Wound

In the painting by Caravaggio, Jesus takes Thomas’ hand whereupon Thomas fits his finger into the speared side wound of the risen Christ to confirm to Thomas that He is, indeed, alive. It is a dramatic image, and connects me … Continue reading

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Build a Longer Table

There are many reasons people have concocted ways to keep people out. Subtly even the beginning phrase, “When you have more than you need..” suggests it is only when you have more than you need that you build a longer … Continue reading

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You find it hard to believe, but…

When it comes to God’s unfailing love – His steadfast, loyal, self-giving love – God’s jealousy for us is not a “compound of frustration, envy and spite, as human jealousy so often is, but appears instead as a (literally) praiseworthy … Continue reading

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