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Like a Rusty Arrow

In his letter to a friend, Francis de Paola (1416-1507) writes this timely advice as it relates to bitterness and forgiveness: Put aside your hatred and bitter, combative spirit. Make the effort to refrain from saying sharp words. If they … Continue reading

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Unless I Wash Your Feet…

On the night before Jesus would be unjustly judged, tortured, and crucified, He enjoyed His last Passover Supper with His closest friends, including Judas who would betray Him. After the meal Jesus engages in an astonishing act of intimacy: He … Continue reading

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A Pacifist Prayer in a Time of War

“How does a pacifist pray in a time of war?“ By John Peachey First, I reminded myself that Jesus is the full and complete revelation of God and God’s character as a human being. Jesus commands us to love our … Continue reading

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The One Thing You’d take in a Fire

Quite a few years ago I was interviewed as a Fire Officer by a journalist who was wanting to do a feature on what would be the one object a person would take with them if their home was on … Continue reading

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When Someone is Broken

In a men’s group I facilitated, one of the guidelines we told ourselves was to remember that “unsolicited advice is an emotional violation.” ¬†It was our way of reminding ourselves to “please, just listen.” As I like to remind myself … Continue reading

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More Beautiful for Being Broken – Mending Trauma

A few years ago I saw a bowl repaired with veins of gold in the Kintsukuroi art form of Kintsugi. It prompted me to post, “More Beautiful for Being Broken: Kintsukuroi“. Recently I came upon the Japanese artist¬†Makoto Fujimura explaining … Continue reading

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Be Faithful in Little: Worship

Faithful in Little: Shepherd Songs Retired Pastor Lee Eclov has written another missive on being “faithful in little things” – and again I include his entire devotion here as an encouragement to enter into worship when you visit people in … Continue reading

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