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Feel the Desolation

After a Gothic army pillaged Rome in 410 A.D. a widow named Flatonia Proba and other widows fled to Carthage in North Africa where they established a religious community. Proba asked Augustine about prayer for the community. This is partially … Continue reading

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Whatsoever may excite you to love

I till the ancient fields to find hidden seeds that lay dormant there. I have been contemplating a theme that 16th Century Teresa of Avila said about prayer: … we must remember that the business of prayer does not consist … Continue reading

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Reduced to Smoke Stacks and Debris

This September 11, in the misty dust of confused missions and unending dread, I lament in confession.  9/11 has become a date that has become the irrational reason for interminable terror.  Not everyone can go to this prayer with me, but … Continue reading

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Quia Amaste Me…

“Quia amasti me, fecisti me amabilem” Augustine “In loving me, you made me lovable.” It is a powerful and beautiful summary of all that is best in Christian spirituality, and it is the experience of all those who come to … Continue reading

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