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Like a Rusty Arrow

In his letter to a friend, Francis de Paola (1416-1507) writes this timely advice as it relates to bitterness and forgiveness: Put aside your hatred and bitter, combative spirit. Make the effort to refrain from saying sharp words. If they … Continue reading

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Forgiveness like an Onion

Forgiveness is like an onion. When you forgive the offense, you peel back one layer of the onion, and things seem to be fine. But weeks, even months later, the offense pops into your mind again along with the anger … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur – a Palestinian Christian Perspective

Yom Kippur  (the Jewish day of atonement) – starts at sundown tonight. The following comes from a Palestinian Christian perspective written for last year’s celebration – for your edification: “Today, we celebrate in Israel the day of atonement or Yom Kippur. … Continue reading

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Prayer Shaming

“After a mass shooting, politicians ‘shamed’ for offering prayers” read the headline of this BBC article: “Amidst the news of a mass shooting in California, a lively debate erupted on Twitter over the power and utility of offering “prayers” in the … Continue reading

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The Bridge of Forgiveness

“If the Bible makes it clear that Christians are a forgiven people,” Gary Inrig writes, “it also makes it clear that we are to be a forgiving people.”  Forgiveness is an unnatural and outrageous act of generosity.  It always costs … Continue reading

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