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Like an overgrown path

The way of perfection is the way of compassion.* It is the way of true holiness, and it is hard to find. The human story has ceaseless and recurrent narratives about what is the path of life.# In the later … Continue reading

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What the Desert does for us

If the desert is to be a pathway to God, it must be welcomed by a mind that has really abdicated worldly pleasure… [for] it is in the desert that we can make a periodic clearance of those illusions which … Continue reading

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We Give Them Back to Thee

“I think that the dying pray at the last not, ‘please,’ but ‘thank you’ as a guest thanks his host at that door.”     Annie Dillard This favourite line from Annie Dillard is a recurring theme reminding me to be … Continue reading

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Practicum of a Soul Friend: a practical guide This is an exercise to explore what it means to be a soul friend by sharing personal history in confidence and prayer. Each person is take turns in the role as listener … Continue reading

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