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To hold you I had to break open

The Force, by Katharine Blake Not a cracking of bones,how the pelvis can snapwhen the head then shoulders break loose,  but worn threadbare,waves against weathered bone every five to eightminutes (mark it down)no food, no sleep, onlyvomit and water and strong handsthrough my hair and the dogwho devoured a whole chocolate cake(a fact your … Continue reading

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A Way into the Universe

There is no other way into the universe except through the body of a woman. When we see a pregnant woman, we know that some new person is coming here. Everything else remains unknown. Who that person is, and what … Continue reading

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Keeping it real on Mother’s Day

For many I suppose, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the usual ways; for others it was endured for unique reasons – as Tolstoy said: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” On Sunday … Continue reading

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