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All the Transcendence you will find today

“Little Allegory” by Peter Cooley “I’m not the kind of heaven you thought you’d find,” the sky said, spreading itself across the floor here, in the kitchen, its gold leaf freaked and split as it appeared and disappeared and stained the … Continue reading

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On Ordinary Canvas

“This portrait of Christ is to be painted again on the ordinary canvas of our lives.”                                    John Howard Yoder Portraits of Christ are … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Grace

Ordinary Grace is a novel that begins: “It was a summer in which death, in visitation, assumed many forms. Accident. Nature. Suicide. Murder. You might think I remember that summer as tragic and I do but not completely so. My … Continue reading

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To the God of my Daily Routine

It is into the daily routine and noisy bazaar, along bomb-pocked highways with columns of bedraggled refugees that Karl Rahner takes us into prayer. Rahner was a remarkable mind  as a chief architect of the Second Vatican Council, as a … Continue reading

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