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This Well has not gone Dry

LIVE REALITY A teary eye, A teary I, Tells me this well has not gone dry. How do you see Or want to see Reality Inside your head Alive or dead? A fleeting moment Framed in me, Stiffened picture, Frozen … Continue reading

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Tears fell like Prayers

In the awful echo of Remembrance Day, there is much about which to be somber as we still try to uncoil ourselves from violence and her many tentacles of de-inspiration. I write this prayer based on a┬áline in Craig Barnes’ … Continue reading

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Let me wash your feet

Ambrose of Milan (339-397) was known as a “fearless church leader who influenced Augustine and whose first act as bishop was to distribute his great wealth among the poor.” Here is his worshipful prayer alluding both to Jesus washing his … Continue reading

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