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Canadian punk rocker Avril Lavigne surprises with a worship song?

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Avril Lavigne in Brasilia, Brazil in May, 2014 Credit: Breno Galtier/Wikipedia/Creative Commons Canadian rock star Avril Lavigne, 34, has surprised everyone with the recent release of a song that some describe as a worship song.…

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Broken Things

Broken Things, by Julie Miller You can have my heart Though it isn’t new It’s been used and broken And only comes in blue It’s been down a long road And it got dirty on the way If I give … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Day of Atonement

Prayer for the Day of Atonement So then, let thy worshipful awe (fear), O Yahweh our God, come over all thy creatures, and reverent dread of thee upon all thou has made, that all thy creatures may be in awe … Continue reading

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Learning Humility

I suspect most people go to school to become expert, competent, respected and respectable. Who goes to school to be humbled; to be humble? And if you are so fortunate as to learn humility – to become humble, you will … Continue reading

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