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To hold you I had to break open

The Force, by Katharine Blake Not a cracking of bones,how the pelvis can snapwhen the head then shoulders break loose,  but worn threadbare,waves against weathered bone every five to eightminutes (mark it down)no food, no sleep, onlyvomit and water and strong handsthrough my hair and the dogwho devoured a whole chocolate cake(a fact your … Continue reading

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Practice Resurrection

The line above comes from a poem by Wendell Berry that seems fitting this Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday – especially as he encourages us to live counter-culturally – and to “Practice Resurrection.” Let each line exhort, rebuke, and otherwise enlighten … Continue reading

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The Time Will Come

LOVE AFTER LOVE The time will comewhen, with elation,you will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirror,and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat.You will love again the stranger who was your … Continue reading

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To Leave Something Behind

To Leave Something Behind, by Sean Rowe I cannot say that I know you well But you can’t lie to me with all these books that you sell I’m not trying to follow you to the end of the world … Continue reading

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All the Transcendence you will find today

“Little Allegory” by Peter Cooley “I’m not the kind of heaven you thought you’d find,” the sky said, spreading itself across the floor here, in the kitchen, its gold leaf freaked and split as it appeared and disappeared and stained the … Continue reading

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In Defiance to the Circumstances

“Aspirational in defiance to the circumstances of her times.” In case you missed it, here is the poem written and read by the remarkable National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, who happens to be 22 years of age. I suppose … Continue reading

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Never Alone

Jason Upton – Never Alone Martin (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)  Never Alone Martin Sometimes, we feel so afraid Sometimes, we feel so lonely Sometimes, we feel confused Sometimes, we feel so helpless, And we don’t know what to do … Continue reading

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